ExxonMobil is a regular participant in the Greenpoint Earth Day Festival and SchoolFEST, family and neighborhood events planned by Town Square, an organization founded to build a vibrant community and enrich the lives of the people of Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

The event is an opportunity for ExxonMobil to meet in person with community residents to inform them of its remediation progress. “It’s a great way for people in the community to put a face to the company,” said Susan Anderson of Town Square. “It’s a chance for real two-way communication between ExxonMobil and Greenpoint residents.”

During the 2011 Earth Day Festival – the fourth festival and the largest, most successful one yet – more than 1,000 community residents visited the ExxonMobil booth to talk with company representations about the Greenpoint Remediation Project.

The festival hosted 100 booths run by companies, community groups and schools. The abundant sunshine, live music and seating area in the square kept the festival full of curious community members throughout the day.

At the ExxonMobil booth, attendees could pick up trees to take home as well as watch a presentation on ExxonMobil’s remediation efforts in Greenpoint. For the younger crowd, ExxonMobil sponsored the PBS SciGirls booth, which focused on encouraging girls to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes and careers. The SciGirls booth helped kids conduct electricity experiments focused on conductivity, which proved to be very popular.

This is the only Earth Day festival in North Brooklyn and it brings together members of the community from all walks of life. ExxonMobil is a proud sponsor of the Earth Day Festival and appreciates the opportunity to interact with members of a community in which it so deeply entrenched.