ExxonMobil believes education is the key to progress, development and economic growth of both our nation and local communities. That’s why, as a responsible member of the Greenpoint community, ExxonMobil reached out to P.S. 110 to find out how it could support educational programs in this community. What ExxonMobil found was a school trying to make do with an outdated computer lab because there was no room in the budget to provide updated equipment.

“(When) ExxonMobil sought us out, we were certainly looking to partner with corporations in the area, but I have to say that the outreach on ExxonMobil’s part was so great (and) showed that they wanted to form a relationship. We were very grateful,” said Principal Anna Cano Amato.

Amato said when ExxonMobil asked her how it could help the school, her answer was immediate. “Given today’s economic crisis…we were desperate for a new computer lab and didn’t know quite how to go about getting the funding.”

Amato said ExxonMobil worked with school officials to determine their specific technology needs and then provided the school with a grant of $38,000 to cover the majority of the cost to completely upgrade the computer lab.

“The new lab has provided our students, many of whom do not have access to computers in their homes, the opportunity to really become technologically savvy, which is so important for our students,” Amato said. “With the help of ExxonMobil, we were able to get the new computer lab in one turn around, which was amazing for us because that’s never happened to us before.”

The new lab includes 19 state-of-the art computers, allowing students to develop a strong foundation in computer basics. Students are learning how to use common tools such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and are exploring a selection of online learning Web sites. District officials believe that students’ early exposure to these tools will better prepare them for the future.