ExxonMobil is pleased to report that it has reached an agreement with the State of New York to remediate contamination associated with its historical operations in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For several decades, ExxonMobil has worked under the supervision of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to remediate an underground petroleum plume. The new consent decree addresses not only recovery of free product, but also remediation of soil, groundwater, and vapor. ExxonMobil has investigated these matters in the past and, where appropriate, instituted remedial actions, but the new consent decree will provide a comprehensive framework for these efforts.

As part of the settlement, ExxonMobil agreed to establish a $19.5 million fund to support environmentally beneficial projects within the Greenpoint community. ExxonMobil also agreed to pay $250,000 as a civil penalty, $250,000 for alleged natural resources damages, and to reimburse the state for past and future oversight costs.

It is important to remember that contamination of areas of Greenpoint did not result from any one company. ExxonMobil has pledged to address the contamination associated with its historical operations and will work toward this end for as long as it takes to get the job done.

As part of our commitment to continuously enhance our environmental practices, ExxonMobil is pilot testing a promising new technology called Primawave™, which is designed to accelerate the recovery of underground petroleum products. This technology will work in concert with our “dual pump” system, which the Environmental Protection Agency determined in 2007 was the “most efficient” approach for Greenpoint.

ExxonMobil is focused on making the health, safety and welfare of the Greenpoint community its top priority and we are committed to keeping the community informed of our activities.